How to get a GS1 Barcode

If you need to put your products into the shelves of major retail stores in Kenya, you will need a bar code. GS1 Kenya is capable of enabling you to acquire and use bar codes. The following steps are essential for acquiring bar codes.

1. Provide basic information about your company by filling our form
The kind of information needed here is the approximate annual sales of your company, the approximate number of items you intend to use your bar code for and the contact information of the company.

2. Make Payments
You will be charged a one off registration fee and annual fee during the registration time.The registration fee licenses the prefix to you for one year. After that, you will be paying a small annual renewal fee to continue using the company prefix for your bar codes.

3. Create bar codes for your products
The bar codes will allow identification of products, inventory tracking and information capturing. This is essential in any stage in a retail chain.