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The Only Authorized Place in Kenya for Global Bar Codes

gs1-retail-sectorGS1 has made a significant contribution to the efficiency of the retail supply chain and the overall growth of the retail industry.

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gs1-health-careAdopting and implementing GS1 standards enable the effective and efficient roll-out of Automatic Identification and Traceability Systems throughout the Healthcare sector.
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gs1-traceabilityWhere does the food your family eats come from? How did it get to your supermarket? What route did it take to get there? The label says “organic,” but is it really?.
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GS1 40th anniversary

GEPIR (Global Electronic Party Information Registry) is a unique, internet-based service that gives access to basic contact information for companies that are members of GS1. These member companies use GS1's globally unique numbering system to identify their products, physical locations, or shipments. Try GEPIR>>

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