From farm to fork, food safety is just a scan away.

Food safety is paramount in today's global market, driving consumer demand for transparency regarding their food's origin. GS1 standards for Fresh Foods traceability provide a solution, ensuring safety and transparency from farm to fork..


Fresh Foods Traceability

Fresh foods traceability is the ability to track the forward movement and trace back the source/origin of fresh food products throughout the entire supply chain, from production to the end user.

Fresh Foods Traceability using GS1 standards involve the use of unique identification numbers such as GLNs, GTINs, SSCC, GRAI among others and data exchange protocols to track and trace products from their origin (such as farms, lake) through processing, distribution, and ultimately to the end consumer. The goal is to enhance transparency, accountability, improve efficiency along the entire supply chain and enable quick and accurate responses in the event of product recalls or food safety issues. This gives the consumer confidence that whatever they take into their body is safe.

Fresh Foods Sub sectors

You can establish a comprehensive GS1 Fresh Foods Traceability system, enhance transparency, accountability, and the overall safety of fresh food products throughout the supply chain by following these simple steps. (Link)