Barcodes Verification

Ensure your barcodes scan always the first time

Alot can happen from the moment you take a barcode image and intergrate with your packaging artwork before you take that for printing. It is recommeded that before you do mass printing you have your barcode verified to avoid instances where you will be required to discard all printed packaging material because of barcodes that do not scan.

It is due to this that GS1 Kenya offers services on barcoding to all supply chain stake holders to ensure that barcodes are put into effecient use.


What is barcode verification all about?

Quality barcodes fosters stronger trading partner relationships along the supply chain while ensuring uninterrupted supply chain performance.

Benefits of barcode verification

Strengthen relations within supply chain

Retailers are shying away from stocking products that have scan errors as they impact their service delivery at point of sell to customers.

Cost & time

To ensure re-designing, re-printing, or recalling of products due to ineffective or unworkable barcodes is avoidable.


  • For new members, the verification fees (Kshs.1,160/=) paid will entitle an organization up to 10 barcodes to be verified.
  • Existing members:Ksh.1000/= + VAT per barcode
  • Non-member:Ksh.1,000/= + VAT per barcode.

Our Corporate verification package exists where Organizations enjoy verification at their premises twice per year at a fee of Ksh. 50,000/= + VAT annually.