What you need to Know:

What you need to Know: Subscription of GS1 Kenya and use of the GS1 System as well as GS1 Company Prefix is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the GS1 Kenya subscription and Licence contract for the duration of the License contract. By applying for GS1 Kenya subscription and as a member, you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions.

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Other services

a) Access to GS1 global network

This provides each member with a unique identification number correctly termed asGlobal Trade Item Numbers (GTINs).

b)Access to GS1 global network

We have a dedicated team that responds to all of your needs and provides assistance when required. This service is free for all of our members. When you have a bar coding problem or simply need further help.

c)GS1 Kenya Magazine(Gateway)

A quarterly publication distributed to all members that provide information about the use of the GS1 system locally and internationally, updates on supply chain issues, business practices, industry requirements and technology.

d)Barcode verification Service.

In order to achieve and maintain bar code consistency and conformity to international standards, guidelines and specifications. Barcode Verification is mandatory for the bar codes on any new products and repackages. A verification report will be issued for all product verified.

e)Consultancy Service

GSI Kenya provide extra assistance to achieve maximum results from the GS1 standards and systems within your organisation. Consultancy is available on a wide range of topics including supply chain management, logistics and integrated management systems among others.

f)Training, Seminars and Conferences.

Workshops and seminars include barcoding and point of sale compliance, which is a foundation course in the GS1 system. It also covers the UCC system, allocation of GTINs to products and how to design and print technical reliable barcodes. A certificate is issued to participating individuals and companies.

g)Global Location Numbers (GLNs)

GLNs are globally unique identifiers for electronic identification of sites and organisations. It is used to identify suppliers or products for tracing and tracking of products.

*UCC – Uniform Code Council
*GTIN – Global Trade Identification Number

I hereby apply for membership of GS1 Kenya and agree to adhere to the specifications and guidelines, abide by the Memorandum and Articles of GS1 Kenya (in particular articles 3.7 and 3.8) ( refer to our website) and to pay the appropriate annual subscription fees as per my annual turnover due after every 12 months. Full name(Director/Company Official)

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