Pharmacy Sector Engagement

Global supply chain standards, including GS1 bar codes, are enhancing patient safety and productivity in the Canadian pharmacy sector. GS1 Canada works with stakeholders from across the pharmacy supply chain to actively drive the adoption of GS1 standards to enhance business processes and help the sector realize the benefits of global standards.

Patient safety benefits:

  • Reduced medication errors
  • More effective product recalls

Supply chain efficiency benefits:

  • Improved order and invoice processes
  • Accurate information sharing between trading partners
  • Supply chain security and efficiency
  • Improved service levels/fill rate and inventory management

  • They prevent administration and prescription errors
  • Medicines can be dispensed more quickly
  • Information can be recorded after scanning at the point of use
  • Medicines can be better managed
  • There are fewer adverse events and critical errors
  • Medicines can be more easily traced which allow you to check authenticity for product recalls
  • Order processing and receipt is simpler and more accurate
  • Consistent product identification across the medication use process